Boiler Grants in Scotland 2024: How Can I Get One?

The UK government is offering free boiler grants to Scotland under the Energy Company Obligation 4 (ECO4) Scheme to help homeowners replace their old, efficient boilers. This scheme, known as Free Boiler Replacement Scotland, can help you save money on energy costs while lowering your carbon footprint. So, if you’re living in Scotland, you need to replace your boiler but need more cash and are claiming benefits & an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E or lower for your home. You may qualify for a boiler replacement and a back boiler replacement grant in Glasgow.

Please fill out our eligibility form to find out if you are eligible for a new boiler grant in Scotland. This form will ask you a few questions about your home, your current boiler, and your energy use to assess your eligibility.

Are There Free Grants Available For New Boilers In Scotland?

You can benefit from the Scottish Boiler Replacement Grants. This grant covers all expenses for removing your old boiler and installing a new one. Additionally, it sometimes involves replacing outdated system boilers with modern combi boilers.

Boiler grants have a few primary objectives:

  1. Reduce energy bills: Government Grant Schemes help homeowners and private tenants save money on their energy expenses. Newer boilers are more efficient and use less energy than older boilers, which can lower energy expenses over time.
  2. Reduce fuel poverty: They also intend to reduce fuel poverty, which occurs when people struggle to pay their energy bills and keep their houses warm. These new boiler grant schemes in Scotland provide financial aid for the free installation of new boilers, can help decrease energy bills, and make houses more economical to heat.
  3. Lower carbon emissions: Government Grants for boilers are intended to minimize carbon emissions and enhance energy efficiency. These Scottish Boiler Upgrade Grants benefit homeowners in the UK and help to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by providing financial assistance to homeowners and tenants who want to replace their old boilers with new energy-efficient ones.

With the UK’s new objective of becoming carbon neutral by 2050, the government wants more property owners to take advantage of schemes like Replacement Boiler Grant UK and Affordable Heating Grants Scotland.

Why Should You Replace Your Old Boiler?

With energy prices higher than ever, your boiler should be heating your home at the lowest possible cost, and your old boiler might be costing you roughly £305 per year. Boilers set up in the UK must be condensing boilers. Less energy means reduced bills, and if you match the qualifications, you could be eligible for a free boiler grant.

Who Qualifies For Free Boilers In Scotland?

Applying for a boiler grant in Scotland is easier than you think. Please fill out our eligibility form to apply for a free boiler grant 2024 and check your eligibility.

The form will ask you questions about your eligibility for a boiler grant, such as:

  • Your relationship to the property
  • What type of property you have
  • The number of bedrooms in the property
  • The age of the property
  • The main fuel used for heating your property
  • Whether your home has mains gas
  • The benefits received within your household

At the Free Boiler Scheme we’ll also need your address and contact information. This allows us to assess your eligibility for a new boiler grant properly and to get in touch with you. Once you’ve completed the required details, a member of our team will contact you to discuss your eligibility for boiler grants in Scotland and guide you through the next step of the process.

Am I Eligible for a Boiler Grant in Scotland?

To be eligible for a boiler grant in Scotland, you must normally meet certain requirements. These criteria differ depending on the type of eco-energy grant you’re seeking.

The eligibility criteria for a free boiler grant are:

Boiler: You must have a non-condensing boiler to be eligible for a boiler grant.

Property ownership: You must be a homeowner or a private tenant, and your current boiler must be at least fifteen years old

Energy efficiency of the home: Your home must have a poor energy efficiency rating to be eligible for a grant to install central heating. This could be an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) for E, F, or G.

Benefits: To be eligible for a boiler grant, you must receive specific benefits such as a pension credit, child tax credit, or working tax credit.

Household Income: If your annual household income is less than £31,000, you may be eligible for a boiler grant.

You can also call us at for more info: 020 4519 6203.

How Do I Apply for Boiler Replacement Grants Scotland?

Here are five simple steps to apply for a boiler grant, whether you are a Scottish homeowner or a private tenant.

  • Check out the Scottish Boiler Grant Application Page.

Visit the Free Boiler Scheme to start the application process. This portal receives and processes applications for New Boiler Funding Scotland. To help you expedite the process and receive free funding as soon as possible, our eligibility checker is free to use, and the application form is designed to be simple and quick to complete.

  • Complete and submit your application.

Next, fill out the application form with all of the relevant information, such as your name, address, phone number, property and boiler data, and so on. Provide as much detail as possible to help the team review your application. This will increase your chances of acceptance and allow you to receive the boiler grant funding more rapidly.

  • Wait for an approval notification.

The Free Boiler Scheme personnel will contact you about your boiler grant application and notify you if it has been approved in a day or less. If yes, you can now update your home’s Heating System Grants Scotland because the ECO4 Scheme has provided you with eco-funding for your first central heating installation.

  • Schedule an appointment for a property survey.

Once your application has been accepted, you must schedule the property survey. This is a completely free and essential process. A squad of eco installers near me will visit your home to inspect the property and boiler. Determine the type of boiler and other improvements the property requires.

  • Set a date for installation.

It would help if you merely waited for the team to return to your property on installation day. They will promptly install all of the improvements required to replace your boiler and improve your home’s efficiency. To guarantee that everything fits well, keep in mind that ECO4 Scheme UK only works with seasoned, authorized, and respectable Welsh firms.

Apply Now For Scottish Boiler Upgrade Grants 2024

Take Advantage Of The Government Boiler Grants Scotland at Free Boiler Scheme. We specialise in home heating and help hundreds of customers each year update and improve their heating systems. We recognize that upgrading or replacing your boiler can be stressful, but the Free Boiler Scheme makes things a lot easier.

We offer boiler installation services across Scotland, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayr, and the surrounding areas. Check Free Boiler Scheme boiler Services in the UK in 60 seconds and see if you are eligible for a free boiler grant.

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